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At Bahar Medical Group in our new State-of-the-Art Medical Office we spend quality time with our patients, to get to know them medically as well as culturally and to establish a trusting relationship with them so that we may work together to overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of their health and happiness in a compassionate environment.

Established by YALE Graduate Internal Medical doctors, Dr. Bahar Sedarati and Dr. Ali Khazaeizadeh who come from an extensive background in medical care, research, teaching and authorship of well-accredited books series, Bahar Medical Group prides itself in creating an environment where specialized holistic care is offered to each patient.

As internists, Dr. Sedarati and Dr. Khazaeizadeh have had special study, training, and research on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of adult diseases. They have been asked upon as consultants to other physicians to help diagnose complex and puzzling conditions

The care given to each patient at Bahar Medical Group has a holistic approach, meaning that the patients are treated inside out for various set of problems; beside Internal Medicine, doctors of Bahar Medical Group also offer highly effective skin care program, anti-aging, weight loss and weight management, as well as non-invasive and invasive cosmetic services.

At Bahar Medical Group you can relax with a comprehensive care that gives detailed personalized attention to your inner health, youth, and beauty.

Areas of Practice:

Primary Care & Internal Medicine

Weight Loss: Weight Loss Diet & Weight Management

Skin Care & Anti-Aging

Cosmetic Services including but not limited to BOTOX®, RADIESSE®, JUVÉDERM®,

Internists of Bahar Medical Group are highly trained in dealing with whatever problem a patient is suffering from. They are able to diagnose and manage severe chronic illnesses and situations where different illnesses are affecting the patient’s health at the same time. With their extensive teaching experience at faculty teachers, Dr. Sedarati and Dr. Khazaeizadeh are also compassionate and detailed in their medical practice that they give each patient an overall understanding of health, wellness, and advises to prevent diseases.

The skin care and anti-aging Treatments of Bahar Medical Group are extremely effective in rejuvenating your skin while healing and controlling a wide range of skin care issues. With their extensive background both in internal medicine and cosmetic industry, doctors of Bahar Medical Group are a premium choice for your skin care program as they take care of your skin inside out and are able to diagnose internal condition that affect  your skin condition.

Bahar Medical Group Weight Management program is designed after wide research and analysis of weight loss products and supplements in the market. The program has already helped many patients successfully lose weight. The program conveniently simplifies weight loss process for you with a comfortable regimen. It won't make you unusually hungry, and has no effect on your mood and general stress level. The program helps you lose weight no matter how much weight you would like to lose.

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Bahar Medical Group is conveniently located at 24331 El Toro Rd., Suite 360, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 Get Direction
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Our facility

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Lunch hours is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.).

On-call coverage is provided 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Automatic doors, two elevators and close-in ample parking allow easy access for the handicapped or injured. Free parking is just steps away.

We are on El Toro Road west of the intersection with Moulton Parkway in the Laguna Woods Town Centre, across the street from Home Depot.

We offer:

We treat:



High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

EKG on site

Diabetic Problems

Respiratory Infections

Flu Shots



Tetanus Shots

Cardiovascular Diseases

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Antibiotic Shots

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Sinus Infections

Pneumonia Shots

Endocrine diseases

Wounds, Bites and

Pregnancy Testing

Sore Throat


Asthma Therapy

Coughs and Colds


Breathing Treatments

Sports Injuries

Cuts and Stitches

Dermatology and Skin Care

Bladder Infections

Neck and Back Pain




Bahar Medical Group
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